Innovation Competition 2017 is now Open

 January 30 2017

Canterbury Rotary Club, working with the Kentish Gazette and The Brett Group are running the fourth annual Innovation Competition for new ideas that is open to all Secondary School pupils in Kent.

Now is the time to be thinking “out of the box”. We are looking for new ideas on any subject at all - or it might be a new application of an old idea.

All that is necessary is that your idea fulfils the objectives set out in our poster and rules. PLEASE read them very carefully, and make sure your entry complies with the requirements including those about form, submission and timing.

In previous years we have had all sorts of ingenious ideas, including flashing toy boxes (to encourage young children to be tidy), a Swiss Army make-up kit, a way of opening public toilet doors without touching the handle, a sophisticated corrective writing device for disabled people, a simple way of getting the right angle for brushing your teeth, an automatic egg cleaner for poultry sheds and an amazing water-capture system for adventurous hikers.

The possibilities are limitless. You might start by thinking of something that is a real problem - for example the traffic congestion in Canterbury, or perhaps some aspect of the way your school is organised - and then come up with a new way of improving things. Or you might begin by having an idea for a device, and think of a use for it.

Inevitably, some ideas are thought of by several people, so when you have your idea we suggest you look on the internet to see if something similar is already available.

As a country, we rely on innovations - and we are pretty good at inventing. If you would like to see where a new idea has got one Canterbury boy, Google “Pavegen”

The competition will be judged by a panel of local people, most of whom have had a hand in developing new ideas and bringing them to the market. The prize for the winner will be £300, with £100 for the runner up, but, after the judging, all will be given advice on ways of exploiting their ideas.

There is no entry fee, and you can submit as many entries as you like. In last year’s competition there were more than three times the number of entries with which we started in 2013/14.

For more information and full details please visit:

Deadline for your students’ entries in by 31st March 2017.