Investigate the world with BBC Terrific Scientific

 January 25 2017

The BBC and partners, including The Institution of Engineering and Technology, have just announced BBC Terrific Scientific – a bold, ambitious new science campaign to inspire primary school pupils and teachers through exciting, innovative and accessible mass-participation scientific investigations.

The first topic is taste, and the campaign will help learners investigate what happens when we eat – from taste through to digestion, circulation and the energy food provides. This investigation, developed in conjunction with Coventry University, will see participating students find out if they are a supertaster – which could explain their dislike of some green vegetables! The theme builds up to a live lesson on 31st January.

You can download Terrific Scientific teaching resources anytime, but don't forget to register to take part in the campaign with your class.

Registering allows you to:

To find out more information and register to take part please visit: