If you were an Engineer – What would you do? Competition Launched

 January 20 2017

The Primary and Secondary Engineer Leaders Award-South of England 2017 is now open for entries with deadline of 29 March 2017.

The competition launched by Primary Engineer and Secondary where it is asking students to answer the question “If you were an engineer, what would you do?”.

The pupils will need to interview engineers about what it means to be an engineer, find a problem, invent a solution, draw it, explain it and send it in. Add a ‘Pitch Letter’ to Mechanical Engineering students at The University of Southampton explaining why their invention should be made and they may just choose to build it!

Tell us why you think engineers should build your design.

The Pitch should tell us things like...

...as well as telling us a few things about themselves and the engineers they interviewed, with all of the information included within the framework of a standard letter format.

These Pitch letters, with age-based word count requirements, provide teachers with the opportunity to explore pupils’…

If your school would like to be part of this extraordinary event, please contact info@leadersaward.comfor more information, go to www.leadersaward.comand sign-up to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter via @leadersaward and use #leadersaward17 or do all three!