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Explore Health and Care Careers at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

 October 11 2017 | Views: 558

Kent and Medway

On Wednesday 11th October, Kent and Medway STEM in partnership with NHS Medway and Swale organised an ‘Explore Health and Care Careers’ event, hosted by Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey West Campus. The event was open to school students throughout the day and in the evening the fair was open to the general public. It was an opportunity for students and the community to meet with a variety of health and social care professionals, to discover the diverse career opportunities available across the sector.

There was an array of different professionals who offered students information and first hand outlooks at what their day to day jobs entail! Students were able to gain a better understanding of the progression routes that lead to rewarding and stimulating local careers across the health and social care sector.

The event had an inspirational talk from a chief nurse, workshops and a career zone. Students were given information on a vast range of careers including cardiology, community nursing, occupational therapy, learning about the work of a clinical biochemist, pharmacy, apprenticeships, children’s therapy, the role of an operating department practice, the role of a physician, and the use of a Simbulance to simulate the training of paramedics amongst others.

We cannot thank everyone who came and supported this event enough! You really did make such a difference to the student’s outlooks on health care careers!

Feedback from the students included:

“A career in health care would be like helping other people through your experiences and letting they are going to make it. Today has been really good because I’ve learnt a lot about how much it takes to be health carer. I loved it so much!”

“I find that event very nice and useful, speaking with other people who have health careers is very interesting”

“A career in health care would be hard, but I’m ready for it”

“I didn’t think it was going to be that interesting!”

“AMAZING, I enjoyed myself experiencing something completely different”

“I wish I could come again”

Feedback from the teachers included:

“It was far more than expected, it was great”

“All the students came away enthusiastic with good ideas, it opened their eyes to different careers”

Feedback from the organisers included:

“Scenario: Two Yr10 students looking a wee bit lost in the sports hall.
I ask the students what they had seen and whom they had spoken with. Response…. “I want to do photography….. there is nothing for me here”.
I take the students to Caroline’s table where they spoke to a Pharmacist about NHS careers using photography.
Later, I see the students walking away talking about a discussion they will have with parents about career options …something in medical imaging.”
Munya Badze, Enterprise coordinator, Skills and Employability Service

“I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this event. The morning and afternoon sessions were really engaging with a good mix of interactive tables and workshops. The STEM team and the school have been fantastic and I do think it’s worth pointing out the pupils were a credit to the school, their behaviour and engagement was excellent, the catering provided by the students was top draw and the 6th formers helping during the day were perfect hosts.”
Ben Jones , Health & Social Care Pre-employment Programmes Coordinator

“This was an incredible event which as well as giving us a chance to meet some impressive and interesting young people also showcased the best of team working.
Caroline Medhurst, Primary Care Workforce Tutor for NHS Swale



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