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Rainforest topic at Tree Tops Primary Academy

 September 11 2017 | Views: 549

Kent and Medway

As part of their rainforest topic, 26 year 4 students at Tree Tops Primary Academy were recently fortunate enough to enjoy an engaging talk by Sandy Elsworth, STEM Ambassador, an hydrogeologist with an interest in water supply and water management.

Sandy described his many visits to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America and elaborated upon the changes that he has witnessed during his career-all perfectly illustrated with pictures from his travels.

Students happily discussed the flora and fauna that live in and around a rainforest and Sandy elaborated upon the changing nature of rainforests due to human intervention. As a hydrologist, he was able to discuss the issues of clean water for those living around rainforests as well as deforestation and the growth of towns.

Throughout his talk, students were attentive and asked many subject related questions.

Class teacher, Anisa Cuthbertson commented “Thanks very much to Sandy for taking the time to come into Tree Tops Academy and talk to the children. They were so excited and enthusiastic when we were talking about it afterwards. They learnt a lot!”


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