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STEM at Work

 December 15 2016 | Views: 1954

Kent and Medway

“It was one of the best days of my life!” -  Student from Folkestone Academy

Fifteen schools from all over the Kent and Medway area had groups attending the full day event at the Canterbury campus of Canterbury Christ Church University. Each group participated in six interactive presentations/workshops out of a total fifteen available, run by some of our valued STEM Ambassadors.

All groups enjoyed an hour long Science Show ‘Elements at Work’ by John Coad. The show studied elements, some pupils were aware of – lead, iron, copper and aluminum but also some rarer ones such as vanadium and neodymium.  The non-metals such as hydrogen and oxygen made lots of fizzes, pops and bangs!

“I learnt about lots of different elements and how they can be burnt and burn different colours”
A student from Archbishop's School

The specialisms and interactive workshops the other Ambassadors shared with the students ranged from:

Creating glow sticks with the ‘University of Greenwich’
“I learnt how to make a torch without using batteries, and just a foam block and LED”
A student from Sandwich Technology

Investigating the chemistry of medicines with 'Vulpine Science and Learning'
I learnt the different types of medicines and what they are made of”
A student from Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School

Making ice cream without a freezer with a STEM Ambassador
“I learnt how to make elephant ice cream”
A student from Ursuline College

Laying in an Astrodome to explore outer space with the ‘University of Kent’
“I learnt that the the coldest temperature is 273 and there is a new constellation that I didn’t know before”
A student from Dover Christ Church Academy

Doing the Macarena with the NAO robot with the ‘University of Kent’
“I learnt that
The NAO robot is so cool”
A student from Oakwood Park Grammar School

They got to get close with live bees and look at tomatoes and intensive horticulture with ‘A Pearson Growers’
“I learnt that plants need to be stressed to be reproducing”
A student from Folkestone Academy

Looking at what plastics can and cannot be recycled with ‘Pfizer’
“I learnt there are 6 different types of plastic and that recycling is very important and that some things can’t be recycled”
A student from Maidstone Grammar for Girls

Looking at Engineering for Light and Motion with the ‘Institution of Engineering and Technology’ (the IET)
“I learnt that engineers can bring back Dodo birds and Dinosaurs”
A student from Goodwin Academy

Forensic Investigation with STEM Ambassadors
“I learnt how to investigate a crime scene”
A student from Longfield Academy

An introduction to origami with the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity Studio’
“I learnt that origami can be used as a robotic device”
A student from Herne Bay High School

Looking at the chemistry in concrete with ‘Sandberg’
“I learnt that there is lots of science in concrete”
A student from John Wallis Academy

Building KAPLA bridges to explore what Civil Engineering is, with ‘Berryrange Ltd’
“Today I learnt that Civil Engineering only consists of 12% girls so it would be easier to get a job in that aspect”
A student from King Ethelbert School

Play-Doh and Topology with the ‘University of Kent’
“I learnt what tropology is”
A student from Kent College

Drugs in Sport, and how chemists catch users with a STEM Ambassador
“I learnt about Sports Science equipment that I wouldn’t be able to do at school.”
A student from Archbishop's School

Creating slime with a STEM Ambassador
“I learnt how to make Slime!”
A student from Goodwin Academy

Some comments from the teachers:

 Some comments from the students:



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