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Forensic Science Day: How not to get caught!

 November 23 2016 | Views: 1219

Kent and Medway

Students from two local secondary schools became Forensic Investigators for the day to solve a crime! They took part in three workshops:

Crime Scene Investigation
The students visited the crime scene and searched for evidence, which could be used to understand who had committed the crime.

They then used Luminol, which is one of an array of tools that show the presence of invisible evidence. The chemical spray shows the investigator the presence of blood stains that are hidden, just like on CSI crime scene investigation programs.

Finger Printing
They then undertook a fingerprint workshop, where they found out all about fingerprinting and how these can be used to check for suspects against national database as well as for elimination and identification purposes.

Overall the students learnt new skills and new techniques used widely in forensic investigation. They worked out which of the four suspects had committed the crime.

Pupils said:

"Hi! My name is Hashim Farid and today I have enjoyed working with our STEM Ambassadors. From start to the end they have kept a smile that encouraged us to work the whole way. They’ve had fun with us and we’ve had fun with them as well. Thank you Ambassadors."

"I enjoyed working with them because they encouraged me to try and piece evidence together. This was an exhilarating experience it made me think in ways I wouldn’t normally do. This has helped me by teaching me life skills such as comparing fingerprints and how not to be caught."

"I thought that it was a very enjoyable and creative day as it made me want to go further with this to become better at Science. I also liked the fact that people that helped was very useful and polite. I could ask them questions. Thank you!"
(Luke Summers).



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