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Chemistry at Work at Ursuline College, Westgate

 November 19 2015 | Views: 750

Kent and Medway

Did you know that you can make ice cream without a freezer? That water could be the fuel of the future? And what do you know about concrete?

Students at Ursuline College in Westgate certainly found out. Local STEM Ambassadors, working in the Chemical Industry or for an organisation using Chemistry in their work, visited the school and led a set of workshops to encourage the students to see how vast the range of careers is that are available to those interested in chemistry.

Within the workshops, students were introduced to a range of chemical processes, undertook experiments and recorded and thought about the results. They found out about DNA and how plants are used in modern medicines as well as traditional herbal medicine. Students learned about fire and how a suspicious fire can be investigated as well as what it is to be a forensic chemist. The chemist will analyse a variety of samples collected at the crime scene to determine whether they can be linked to a suspect.

Some of the students’ comments:

What did you find the most useful?


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