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4 - 6 week stem club challenge in Cosmetic Chemistry

 October 20 2015 | Views: 1376

Kent and Medway

This event was to support setting up a STEM club and included resources and practical ideas the participants could take away.

Kent & Medway STEM hosted a hands-on activity in Canterbury on Wednesday 20 October to inspire and support Teachers running STEM Clubs – the topic was Cosmetics Chemistry. STEM ambassadors were on hand to give their help too.

After an short introduction with coffee and cakes, the teachers and ambassadors were introduced to and then made a whole variety of cosmetic products that can easily be made with their students in a STEM Club in their school. All the activities are very safe and easily achieved but any potential hazard points were highlighted as well as different options given.

Bath bombs were made first, using bicarbonate of soda and citric acid with added scents and colours. Then soaps moulded into small roses, hearts or stars and then lip balm coloured with lipstick and made creamy with avocado wax. Finally, the teachers made a choice of hand cream, moisturiser or shampoo . By the end of the session the room smelled wonderful!

All the products set quickly so by the end they could take home their hand crafted gifts in cellophane bags and small screw topped tins. These products are ideal for the students to take home for festive gifts.

Each teacher was sent back to their school with a large box of materials to make all the products with their own students.

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