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Kent & Medway STEM Ambassadors Train for E&E Activities

 January 15 2013 | Views: 1373

Kent and Medway

STEM Ambassadors have been training this week to take Free Enrichment and Enhancement Activity sessions into 9 schools in the Kent and Medway area, raising the profile of science and engineering in the region. Each school will have over 20 STEM Ambassadors visit for two hour activities which will focus on Science or Mathematics. The sessions will be accommodating whole year groups from Year 7 & 8 offering activities to promote further interest in the STEM subjects. In addition the activities will help the students to make informed decisions about future career paths in STEM subjects.

In the photograph you can see the STEM Ambassadors getting to grips with the STIXX machines and building shelters which the whole team must fit into. STIXX machines turn newspapers into solid rods which can then be cable tied together to make any structure your imagination desires. Building shelters, bridges and chairs with STEM Ambassadors have been popular with schools in the past. The STIXX machines can be a great learning aid with a variety of subjects including engineering, physics, and mathematics. For more information on the STIXX machines and to book them for your school please email us at


If you would like The STEM Hub to help organise an event like this for your school/setting then please contact us today:
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