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Herne Bay High Forces and Motion

 November 21 2012 | Views: 1873

Kent and Medway

On Wednesday 21st November Herne Bay High School borrowed the STIXX Machines and the Incredible Machine from Kent and Medway STEM to teach lessons in Forces and Motion to Year 7 students and A-Level Physics students. The machines were received so well by the students that the teachers at Herne Bay High School kept them for an extra week. In that extra time the machines were also used by the STEM Clubs at the school.  

If you would like to book either machine for a lesson, afterschool club or event at your school please email us at both resources are free of charge, for more information please see the links below.

STIXX Machines
Kent & Medway STEM have three STIXX machines to be used by Schools and STEM Ambassadors free of charge. For more information please email and for project ideas please see

The Incredible Machine
Kent & Medway STEM can provide The Incredible Machine for schools to use. The Incredible Machine is a great way to introduce students to forces hands-on. They learn with their fingers what the lessons teach them with words - gravity, energy, momentum, mass, acceleration, friction, levers, pulleys inertia… and the best word all INCREDIBLE!

Watch the video below to see the Incredible Machine in action.




If you would like The STEM Hub to help organise an event like this for your school/setting then please contact us today:
Tel: 01227 782662

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