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Chemistry at Work - Northfleet Girls

 October 17 2012 | Views: 1312

Kent and Medway

Chemistry at Work aims to introduce school students to their local chemical industry and to demonstrate how the chemistry which they are learning at school is used by a variety of people in their work. The presenters represent a wide range of companies and other organisations.

‘It was all awesome!’ Student Review
‘The Science of Fire was brilliant’ Teacher Review

In October’s Chemistry at Work we had seven presenters providing exciting and diverse interactive experiments.
Victoria Vitzgerald
explored Spectroscopy with the students who dissected and analysed an object's light. She covered the basic chemistry behind spectroscopy and the students even built their own spectroscope.

Simon Smith from Kent Fire and Rescue Service showed how an in depth knowledge of the science of fire (physics and chemistry) is needed by fire-fighters and fire investigators to understand fire development. He explained the methods of fire spread and showed how smoke allows the development of small fire to involve a whole room which was received by the students really well.

Sarah Heathfield presented Fluorescence in Everyday Life and Research Science exploring how some chemicals can be exposed to light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation to become fluorescent. She discussed with the students how everyday objects fluoresce and the chemistry behind it.

Keith Simpson set the students the challenge of designing fabric for teen heartthrob Channing Tantum. With set requirments for his next acting role, the students began to understand the chemistry behind dyes and dying.

Jack Deans gave an induction to the chemical development of materials retrieved from Crime Scenes to reveal fingerprints. The activity involved lifting finger prints from articles.

Another popular session was by Hellen Ward who got the students in the Halloween mood by showing them how to create Slime.

An explosive presentation was provided by John Coad’s Inferno – The Science of Fire! Getting students to understand how each time you light a fire, chemical reaction is taking place. It was a spectacular show which explored; how we make fire and how we can control it.


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