Support Needed for Basildon Street Science with The Royal Society of Biology

Saturday 09 September 2017 - 10am-4pm

Towngate Theatre, Saint Martins Square, Basildon, SS14 1DL

Cost: FREE

The Royal Society of Biology are looking for Ambassadors to help at a science outreach stand at Basildon Street Science to support the branch and help bring some simple hands-on science activities to the people on the day.

They would like to invite local STEM ambassadors to come along; to learn some new science outreach and engagement activities and speak with visitors at the stand.

Full training will be provided. Volunteers can come from any science background as the training for the activities does not assume prior knowledge and support will be on hand with other scientists throughout the weekend.

The activites that will be running are:


Epigenetics and our genes

Our genes contain instructions for everything in our body. For years it was thought that our genes were fixed from birth; half from mum, half from dad. But scientists have now discovered it’s not that simple: the way we act can influence how our genes function. We will talk about epigenetics and show how choices such as eating healthy or unhealthy food can affect us (21st Century BioChallenges).

Can you beat the test?

Take the Stroop Test to explore how words influence what we see and discover how the brain handles mixed messages. The activity times how long it takes to read out a list of words in comparison to describing the words - the Stroop test (Gopher Science Lab). This will be run as a competition with small prizes for the winners.

Genetic Modification

Come and learn about the potential for using genetic modification to produce algae and the debate about using GM algae to feed farmed salmon.




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